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"get your hands dirty!"

The PSSST team! comes to your kitchen with the equipment, ingredients and their cheerfulness to teach you how to make the dessert of your choice by yourself!

your house

3 hours

1 to 4 people.

50 to 90€/pers.

The more (up to 4 people so that everyone can do and not just watch), the merrier and the more money you save!

Contact us and together we will develop the ideal workshop! 

photos atelier 6
photos atelier 8
photo atelier 3
photos atelier 1
photos atelier 4
photo atelier 2
cuirs en déshydrateur

pastry-Tasting game

Taste and Play with PSSST!

We have designed this game as a fun moment of discovery! For 90 minutes, teams of players compete happily while tasting healthy and yummy treats. The winning team will have the pleasure of leaving with gifts!

request for workshop info 

Thanks. We will get back to you ASAP

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